Giphy Run


Link to App


Over a weekend another Galvanize student and I ideated, prototyped, and developed (by pair-programming) the giphy run app, a simple/fun game where users test their giphy knowledge.

Our goal was to use new technologies we learned and integrate the into a fully functioning experience as quickly as possible.


We created an app that has end to end functionality and a complete user experience. The app allows users to test themselves, prompts them to sign-up or sign-in and allows them to save their high scores in addition to their successful guesses.


Using the css framework was difficult as it is still in 'beta', not at version 1.0 yet and had a number of documentation gaps that we had to work through.

In addition, pair programming was a challenge as it necessitated slower, more deliberate programming and communication between myself and my partner. The experience ended up being incredibly rewarding and more comprehensive as the extra set of eyes reduced errors that either of us alone would likely have missed.